Custom Candy Bar Wrappers

Whether you want to celebrate a wedding, a birthday or any other special event it really is a great idea to give your guests a small gift, which will remind them of the occasion. On this site you will find some suggestions that you can use to create your own personalized candybar wrappers. If you search around online you are sure to find some clip-art that you can use snd with some suitable paper you can use your computer printer to print them out. Candy bar wrappers are an affordable way of giving your guests a gift that they will appreciate and be able to keep as a souvenir for years to come. Our range of candy bar wraps is printed in simple but attractive designs that we can customize to your personal needs and requirements.

Weddings - Show the wedding guests your appreciation for coming to this wonderful occasion with a delightful keepsake. These wrappers can also include customized wording for wedding invitations or thank you notes.
Birthdays – They are an ideal gift for either children’s or adults’ birthday parties. The images on the wrappers are suitable for the birthdays of people of all ages
Babies - Ideal for baby shower favors, they are an inexpensive and convenient way to say thank you to your guests for their gifts. They can also be worded appropriately as personalized birth announcements.
Parties – Parties for all occasions can be appropriate for giving candy bars, whether anniversaries, leaving or for graduation parties.
Holidays – Remember the festive season with these custom keepsakes
Bridal shower – Again these personalized wrappers are ideal as bridal shower favors, they are an inexpensive and convenient way to say thank you to your guests for their gifts.


Personalized Candy Bar Wrapppers

The pictures which we show on the samples on this site can be matched it be a children’s party, wedding, birthday, baby shower or holiday celebration. If you have an event that you want to celebrate and would like to present your guests with an affordable gift but cannot find suitable wording then tell us your requirements and we should be able to suggest some appropriate wording.

So have a look around the site and we are sure that you will find just what you need

Custom Candy Bar Wrappers


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